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Fresh bread and pastries delivered to your door?

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Wouldn't is be nice to have your bread and pastries delivered with our no-contact policy directly to your door? At Frogs Bakery, we do everything so that you can get your favorite products safely throughout the duration of the difficult period we are going through. 


What makes us different?

French Tradition


For you, With you

Frogs Bakery respects the tradition of French Bakery. All our breads and pastries are made as our French fathers, grand fathers and great-grand fathers wanted them to be. Our sole objective: respect the tradition to make fresh products every day. 

Our breads and pastries are made with certified Organic flours. Our bakers dedicated their entire life on mastering a unique production process. No chemicals, no additives, no industrial processes... We care too much about health and taste!

When Frogs Bakery was created, our only goal was to share the love of great bread, pastries, and French tradition. We want to give you the opportunity to have access to our products wherever your are

Frogs Bakery...

We use a long fermentation process to make the digestion easier (30 hours).

Our breads are USDA Certified Organic and VEGAN.


From the highest French bakery tradition and Elite bakers...

... To you, redesigned

Taste the Magic of Frogs Bakery

Our certified organic bread are USDA Organic. When taste and healthiness are brought together...

Fitness Bread.jpg

Specialty Bread

When the respect of tradition meets Frogs touch.

Discover our Specialty Bread!

Almond Croissant Compressed.jpg

Pastries and Tarts

Rethinking the art of making pastries... Even French people themselves are falling for them!

To all the bakers out there ...

Would you like to work for Frogs Bakery?

Frogs Bakery is looking an additional Baker! Overall, you would be a strong member of the bread operations of our bakery, as well as sharing best practices with any other bakers.

Do you have more than 3 years of culinary experience, more than 3 years of bread baking experience?

Are you interested?


World Exclusive

Discover the first pastries line 100% vegan



Frogs Croissants.jpg

Vegan Croissant

Almond Croissant Comp

Vegan Almond Croissant

Rolls Comp.jpg

Vegan Rolls

Chocolate Croissant Comp.jpg

Vegan Chocolate Croissant

Frogs Bakery


We care about PERFECTION

We care about TASTE

We care about your HEALTH

What they say about

Frogs Bakery

Stéphanie - 34 years old

About our Almond Croissant

"OMG!  I live in France, was on a trip to LA for vacation, and went to the Santa Monica Market. I tried the Almond Croissant, and this is nothing like I ate before.

This is even better than my favorite pastries back in France!"

John - 30 years old

About our Loafs

"When I met Anne-Laure and her smile on the Irvine Farmers Market, I let myself taste a piece of this Buckwheat loaf. And wow... I didn't even know that you can enjoy bread that much!

Maria - 29 years old

About our Apricot Danish

"This Apricot Danish is the sunshine of my Saturdays! A friend of mine told me about Frogs Bakery and their products. When I went there, I didn't know what to choose, everything looks delicious.

And it is delicious indeed...  "


Our Specialty of the Month

Every month, Frogs Bakery innovates and brings you something new...

This Country Bread is something else. Why? Because we use our 10-years-old leaven to produce this special version of the country bread. The taste of it is traditional, like our fathers wanted it to be. For this special occasion, our bakers take one full week to produce a batch of our Country bread. Perfect for spreads and appetizers, you're going to love it!



Frogs Organic Bakery

*We guarantee the freshness of our products when we deliver directly from our bakery. However, unfortunately, we cannot give the same guarantee when our products go through different delivery channels and we apologize in advance. Thank you, Frogs Bakery Management.



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