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Our Products

No Preservatives

Certified USDA Organic

We care about your HEALTH


No additives

Slow Fermentation process

Flour from California Farms

Certified organic Sourdough starter from France

Loved by French themselves!

We care about TASTE

Unique Almond Croissant

Completely revisited fermentation process

A Parisian taste in California

An experience

"Compagnon du Devoir" bakers

We care about your PERFECTION

Award winning French Baker

Hourly quality control

Hand Tossed


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About our Products
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the Journey of our
Bread and Pastries...

... Started 10 years ago...

When Marc Lory and Compagnon du Devoir chefs created Frogs Bakery, the sole objective of the newly created bakery was to respect the tradition and art of making bread by fulfilling this tradition. 10 years ago, the first Sourdough starter was produced to create the first loafs.


Today, this same leaven is used daily to make every Frogs bread. 

Like all the best wines and champagnes in the world, greatness comes with time. The great taste of Frogs bakery breads comes from this unique proprietary starter, that makes all the difference between Frogs breads and the rest.

Illustration of a baker kneeding dough

... And is repeated every single day...

Everyday of the week, the same steps are taken to deliver what is known to be one of the best bread and pastries in the US.

Day 1


Logo showing a cartoon of bread

It has been said, our production process started 10 years ago with our leaven. We refresh this leaven everyday to ensure that the taste you get today is the same as you had 10 years ago, and as you will get in 10 years.

By the way, we do not use any yeast, additives, conservatives, nor any other chemicals. Our products are 100% natural and certified organic. This is the basis of a great taste.

Day 2

Kneading and resting

Icon showing a person kneeding a bread loaf

On the second day, we start the production process of any needed bread batch. We take our refreshed leaven starter, and start what we call autolyse: we mix our filtered water, certified organic flour, salt and proprietary leaven together. Our bakers knead this mix with their hands in order to get a consistent and airy mix of what would become the dough. 

Our bakers then tally the dough with secret operations for at least 1 to 2 hours. Finally, we rest the dough for at least 24 hours (remember, time gives greatness...)

Day 3

Baking and serving

Vignette of a loaf of bread

Last but not least is baking. We introduce our dough is a specific oven, at a specific temperature, with a specific humidity, for a specific time with any given bread. During that final step, the bread shapes itself, and after a final resting time, is ready to be served. 


It is mostly important to know that this process respects our ancestors and the tradition of making bread. With a glimpse of proprietary secrecy, Frogs Bakery succeeds to achieve "bread" worthy of the name.

the difference between...
"Organic" vs "Certified USDA Organic"

Did you know the difference between an "Organic" product and a "Certified USDA Organic" product?

"Organic" = 60%

An organic product may not be fully organic. On average, a brand or company can use the word organic when its product is made of 60% organic ingredients. In order to be sure of the "Organification", anyone needs to look at the certified tagging...

"Certified USDA Organic" > 95%

To be "Certified USDA Organic", any given product needs to be made from more than 95% of certified organic ingredients. Yearly inspections are conducted at every production sites, and enforced with the highest strictness. 



Our Bakery

In France, we have a well known passion for breads and pastries.Our goal is to share with you our passion for authentic French baked goods. In 2010, Marc Lory decided to open a French Bakery in Tucson, Arizona. The team began by choosing a medium sized city in order to get acquainted with the American Culture.


It was said that the American people called the French frogs, therefor gained its name Frogs Bakery. The location was Casas Adobes Plaza, one of the leading Shopping Centers with anchor tenants such as Whole Foods Market and Starbucks.

Frogs Bakery’s business rapidly expanded to farmers markets in Arizona, i.e. Tucson, Scottsdale, Phoenix. As a result, Frogs Bakery's recognition grew very fast in the region. Food critics, were quickly attracted and visited the store.

After 3 years in Arizona, the team was ready to make the move to Southern California. They chose to build the production center in Gardena, located at the geo-center of the Los Angeles area. Frogs Bakery is proud to be selling their baked goods at the top Farmers Markets, high-end restaurants and hotels.

About Our Bakery


Our Commitments

We make a commitment to you today, and for years to come.

Frogs Bakery will always...

  1. Strive to respect the tradition of making bread

  2. Respect our ancestors and their way of making bread

  3. Esteem our clients with the best quality ingredients

  4. Innovate daily to create new bakery breakthroughs

We always listen to our customers, and highly value your opinions. If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to contact us anytime via our email address

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